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I would consider myself a bit of a cinephile. I watched around 150 movies last year, a number I'm likely going to pass in 2018. Because of this, my friends are always coming to me asking for recommendations.

The problem is, most movie reviews on the internet don't solve the central question: Is this movie worth watching? Is it good? They're usually full of plot summary, which spoils the experience for those who haven't seen the movie, followed by the reviewer wanting to show off that they went to film school by referencing some old French movie that was similar. What a waste of time!

So every week in my newsletter I give "Something New," to help you decide if that movie in theaters is worth seeing, "Something Old" to suggest an all-time classic you may have missed, and "Something to Stream," to uncover a hidden gem that's just a click away.

Here is an archive of all of my reviews so far in 2018. Enjoy!

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